Pragmatic Revolt is a Political Blog originally started in Oct of 2006. It’s primary focus was to address the political issues facing voters on the local level (Dillon Montana), the Montana State level and the Federal Government. Two years after I published the first post, my hosting service mysteriously shutdown my entire web and Pragmatic Revolt without explanation. While I was able to retrieve most of my web information, much of my blog archives (except those I have kept for legal reasons), were lost. I transfered to a more local hosting service and brought back what I could of Pragmatic Revolt.

At the Beginning of 2009, I started a new Blog – Montana Bullets and Blades – with the idea of replacing Pragmatic Revolt. I was frankly tired of writing about the political arena – especially about the bad behavior of the Dillon City Government. I decided at the time to focus on my knifemaking, gunsmithing, hiking and related topics and it seemed a good idea to create a new blog rather than try to convert Pragmatic Revolt to a craft related blog.

I seems, though, that I just cannot stay away from political blogging, so I am re-opening Pragmatic Revolt.

Expect to more articles here on the State and Federal Political Arena than in the past and less about the local Government. This is not to say that I won’t be talking about our Fail mayor and his pet attorney at all, but I am not going to get sucked back into that circus as a full time job like it was before. It is simply not worth it. What you won’t see here anymore is articles about Montana life, gun issues or crafting. Those will still be posted on Montana Bullets and Blades.

Hopefully, the word will get out to my “constant readers” that I am back but please remember that I write this blog for┬áme. It gives me a chance to put down my own views and analysis in a discrete fashion – thereby somewhat organizing my viewpoint on an issue. Comments are welcome but keep it somewhat rational and on topic. Attacks that add nothing to the discussion will get removed and any blatent racism or trolling will not be tolerated. This is MY blog and you have no “rights” or “freedom of speech” here beyond what I say you have. Deal with it.

Kenneth Kailey – Knifemaker, Gunsmith and would be citizen activist