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Welcome to the Moorcat Web. Here you will find a variety of webs relating to the various interests I enjoy as well as my vanity web for my family. Feel free to browse around and don't be shy. There is much here to see...

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The Moorcat's Lair
This website is actually the vanity web of the primary web designer behind the Moorcat Web. There are various interests shown here as well as a gallery of family pictures for our relatives. Pragmatic Revolt This is my personal blog covering subjects ranging from local, state, and federal politics to gun related articles to articles about Montana Life. 
Apache Blade and Gun Works Apache Blade and Gun Works is a Custom Blade Making Business that we are expanding to include Gunsmithing. You will also find information on how to make your own knives and swords here as well as various articles on general gunsmithing and specific gunsmithing projects. 

Explore to your hearts content, and please feel free to send me any comments about this site. Use the E-mail button below....

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