The New Blog is Up

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Montana Bullets and Blades is now up and running.

As promised, the new Blog is up and running. It is pretty spare at this point (little more than the structure and a couple of pages set up) but it will flesh out over the next couple of weeks. I really hope the readers that have enjoyed this blog will continue to read the new one….

Pragmatic Revolt will remain up for now (for both sentimental reasons and because I may, at some point return to it). The information is still timely and I stand by what I have written here. It is simply time I take a different direction with my writing.

I invite you all to check out the new blog and thanks for reading this one…



Pragmatic Revolt is going away – sort of

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It is official…. Pragmatic Revolt is going away – sort of. I will be starting a new blog – Montana Bullets and Blades – in the next couple of weeks.

The new blog will deal primarily with knifemaking and gunsmithing. There will also be articles on hiking in Montana, Montana life, gardening and the usual general stuff I tend to post about.

For those that have followed Pragmatic Revolt’s look into Dillon Politics, never fear, there will probably still be a few posts about the joke that is Dillon Politics. The upcoming elections just beg for a few articles… especially given the Straugh is running for Mayor (can anyone say “Malesich, light”). I can see a lot of his statements made during Council Meetings (and captured on video for posterity….) coming back to bite him in the backside…

As soon as the new blog is tweaked the way I want it, I will annouce the addy here. I haven’t decided whether I am going to leave this blog up or just archive it and put up a static page to redirect people to the new blog.

See you all soon….


P.S. To those that have missed me in town, no, I am not dead. I had a pretty serious back injury at the end of November and I am just now getting to the point that I can move around again. Since I am determined to be ready for hiking season this year, you will probably see me soon – i will be doing a LOT of walking to get back in shape.