I LUVZ Victoria Secret

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Of all the inane, asinine and idiotic political attacks I have seen in the five years plus that I have been following local, state and federal political blogs, I have found what has to be, hands down, the worst.

I used to read Left in the West religiously a few years back. Unfortunately, the level of thier writing and the content of thier “diaries” has sharply declined over the last couple of years. Now we find ourselves in an election year and Blammo… true idiocy rears it’s ugly head.

It seems a Blogger over there seems incensed that a Montana State Senator from Kalispell, Bruce Tutvedt, has a facebook page, and on that facebook page, he has indicated that he likes Victoria Secret. Further, it appears that Montana Cowgirl that by doing so, Mr. Tutvedt has proven that he is not “family oriented” and is “politically tone deaf” (whatever the hell that means).

Let’s try to wrap our minds around this for a minute. Mr Tutdedt has indicated that he appreciates one of the most successful women’s clothing outlets in the US. Victoria Secret is a national distributor with hundreds of retail outlets, and Millions of millions of sales per year. Thier catalog can be found in homes all over the US from almost every demographic. So by saying he “likes” Victoria Secret he is what.. a perv?

Let’s be clear here. Victoria Secret sell some of the best women’s undergarments in the US. Many well endowed women (like my wife) have real trouble finding comfortable, affordable undergarments and Victoria Secret has a proven reputation for providing that. Further, they have a full line of women’s clothing including pants, shirts, coats, dresses, shoes, boots, workout and athletic clothing and even carry cosmetics and accessories.

If you look in our home, you are sure to find at least five catalogs at any given time – The Harbour Frieght tool catalog, The Parks Seed catalog, The Brownells Gunsmithing Catalog, The Kovel knifemaking supply catalog and a Victoria Secret Catalog. My wife orders from them at least every couple of months. I guess I am a perv too since I like what she wears and I am a fan of Victoria Secret.

Montana Cowgirl needs to get a life and the credibility of Left In The West has taken a serious turn for the worse. Mr. Tutvedt gets a hat tip from me for his fine taste in women’s clothing suppliers and if he can bring that discerning taste to the Montana Senate, all the better.



It’s that time of year – sort of

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It is that time of year again, when yards get cleaned up, garages get cleaned out and gardener’s start to set up thier gardens – not withstanding the snow that fell for a short period of time last night.

Things around here are no different. We made a dump run (to get rid of the yard debris I had raked up and some broken furniture), we took all the cardboard recycling to the appropriate place and took the christmas stuff to storage so that I can work in the garage. We also picked up the wood for me to make up some octagonal planting beds for my wife. For those interested, I will post a “how to” on how they are made with pictures later on this week.

By Friday, I will have fired up our new lawnmower and weed-wacker and finish cleaning up the yard. In addition, the hedges are badly in need of trimming….

I love summer in Montana….



Are we due for an Ice Age?

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Did someone call for an ice age and simply not send me the memo? Come on… fess up…

While I LOVE the snow, it is seriously hindering my ability to go hiking this year. I see the snow pack on the peaks and rejoice that maybe I might actually be able to hike into August before the fire restrictions shut me down but I would sure like to get my garden in the ground. At this point, I can’t even make it to the trailhead due to snow on the roads getting there.

If you called in for the early ice age, please… call them back and say “Thank you” for the snow pack but it is time to turn the thermostat up a tad.


(Author’s note – this is not a sequay into a discussion on global warming. If you read it as such, please refrain. When I do step up to discuss global warming and it’s consequences, you will know it…)


Aliens, Zombies or Nuclear War?

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As my Dillon Readers know, yesterday from about 10:00am till about 3:00pm, Dillon was out of touch with the rest of the world. The phones worked locally but you couldn’t connect to anyone outside of Dillon. Cell phones couldn’t connect to the network and were useless. If you used phone internet or DSL, you were offline.

I was actually online reading mail when this occurred. At first, I thought it was a problem localized to my phone and DSL, but it soon became clear that it was a universal problem all over Dillon. At this point, the speculation began.. Did someone fire off a nuke attack and we were simply too isolated to know about it? Obviously, that wasn’t the case – the cable TV still worked and I would think that a large scale nuclear attack would have been on the news…

It was suggested that Aliens were attacking and they were starting my systematically taking down our communication systems. Again, this would probably have been reported in the news or the cable TV system would have been down too.

Did Zombies attack in Butte and take over the Telephone relay station? This would probably not have made the news yet (how many people want to admit that zombies exist?).

The real reason was far more mundane. It seems there was some construction being done between Dillon and Lima and the people doing the construction forgot to check if there were any buried lines. They ended up cutting the main digital trunk line between Dillon and Lima and they had to take down the trunk to repair it.

So I guess the moral of the story is to always call before you dig…. and shoot for the head, it is the only way to be sure.