Pragmatic Revolt is officially inactive

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I have decided to retire Pragmatic Revolt in favor of my new blog, “The Road Less Traveled”. I will leave this site up for archive purposes, but it is now officially dead and I won’t be posting anymore to this site.

Thanks for your readership.


Pragmatic Revolt is going away – sort of

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It is official…. Pragmatic Revolt is going away – sort of. I will be starting a new blog – Montana Bullets and Blades – in the next couple of weeks.

The new blog will deal primarily with knifemaking and gunsmithing. There will also be articles on hiking in Montana, Montana life, gardening and the usual general stuff I tend to post about.

For those that have followed Pragmatic Revolt’s look into Dillon Politics, never fear, there will probably still be a few posts about the joke that is Dillon Politics. The upcoming elections just beg for a few articles… especially given the Straugh is running for Mayor (can anyone say “Malesich, light”). I can see a lot of his statements made during Council Meetings (and captured on video for posterity….) coming back to bite him in the backside…

As soon as the new blog is tweaked the way I want it, I will annouce the addy here. I haven’t decided whether I am going to leave this blog up or just archive it and put up a static page to redirect people to the new blog.

See you all soon….


P.S. To those that have missed me in town, no, I am not dead. I had a pretty serious back injury at the end of November and I am just now getting to the point that I can move around again. Since I am determined to be ready for hiking season this year, you will probably see me soon – i will be doing a LOT of walking to get back in shape.


Changes for Pragmatic Revolt

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I haven’t posted for a while and though it is due to a number of circumstances, the primary one is that I am burnt out on following the idiocy of the Dillon City Government. It seems that nothing ever changes and while I know there are people making an effort – my wife being one of them – there simply aren’t enough citizens in this town willing to step up and help to correct the problems. Recently, a number of things were done by the Dillon City Government that, in any other town, would have had the citizens screaming for heads or preparing to tar and feather the people responcible. Things like –

1) The City Council just voted to increase Gilbert’s salary to $110.00 an hour retroactive to Jan 1, 2008. This is an increase of almost 17% in his wages. No other City Employee got a raise that big. In fact, they only got the 3.3% increase dictated by PERS. Why did Gilbert get a 17% raise? How is it even possible to allocate money for a previous fiscal year (the fiscal year ended the first of July)? Is it because Gilbert appears to be Malesich’s attack attorney? What the hell were the Councilmen thinking? The ONLY councilperson that went on record as voting against this contract was Councilwoman Kailey. Where the hell is the fiscal responcibility of the other 7 councilmen?

2) When the City Council decided to forward the issue of Councilman Riley’s parking request to Committee, Councilman Riley left the meeting in a huff. He has since sent out snotty and condescending resignation letters to the Councilmen. This really doesn’t come as a great surprise. He didn’t finish his term as County Attorney either.

3) The Dillon City Council has once again failed to move forward to solve the Police Retirement Fund. They have found a new and interesting way to put it off – they are spending tens of thousands of dollars on having a private actuary look at the State’s Assessment. It has been pointed out to them on multiple occations and by multiple people that, by statute, the only actuary report that matters is the State’s, but they will do anything to put this off. The Mayor is even allegedly saying that he will actively campaign to keep the Police Retirement fund OUT of the State Police Retirement Fund. Big Surprise there.

There is more but the petty childish pissing contest nature of Dillon City Politics is simply too much for me to deal with. I am adult, and I do not have the time or patience to deal with supposed adults that behave like 6 year olds.

I am not sure at this point whether I am going to close this blog and start another (focused on the things I WANT to write about) or whether I will simply change the focus of this blog back to the things I enjoy being involved with. If I do start another blog, I will let people know…



Awaited Explanation

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I have been asked many times – both in person and through email – why I stopped posting for months. It is only fair that I give an explanation.

Loss of my Hosting Service –

I could easily step back and blame it all on the loss of my hosting service. They did shut my server down and it was done without notification or warning. I have still not been able to get them to release my files back to me (or give me a decent explanation of why they did it) so that I can put up the archive of previous posts. While I will be able to get those posts back at a later time through another avenue, those posts are – for the moment – only saved in hardcopy.

I am happy to report that I do have a new hosting service and I am quite happy with them. The new hosting service is located fairly locally (in Utah) and has excellent customer service with an actual phone number I can call to resolve any issues that do come up.

All that said – that is not the real reason I stopped posting.

Objectivity –

Any citizen reporter has some bias that regularly appears in their writing. I am no exception. I try to report the facts – as I see or know them – but even the most objective of us is biased in some way. I make it clear that I have issues with the way Government works in Dillon but…

After my arrest – orchestrated by Mayor Malesich and Former Councilman Troadsson – I got angry. Not just a little angry – a LOT angry. My posts relating to Mayor Malesich and the Dillon City Government began to reflect that anger. I was no longer able to maintain even the semblance of objectivity. Each new perfidy performed by Malesich and Dillon Government simply made matters worse. I completely skipped over the good things that the Dillon City Council attempted to do and I certainly focused on the bad. It began to effect me – personally – and I was actually getting physically sick after attending City Council Meetings.

My heart attack was a wake up call. Even though my Doctor cannot even tell me for sure that I had a heart attack, it was certainly real enough for me. I am glad that the battery of tests came back saying I was extremely healthy – in fact, far more healthy than I should be given my age and lifestyle – but it was time to do some re-evaluation of my life and how I was living it. One of those things I had to evaluate was how blogging about the Dillon City Government was effecting my health.

Return to Blogging

I made the decision to return to blogging about the City Government because I feel it is important. The things being perpetrated against the Citizens of Dillon need to be reported – but so does the good the Dillon City Council accomplishes. I needed to return to some semblance of objectivity in my reporting about the things happening. More importantly, I had to get past the anger I felt about the personal attack made on me by Malesich and Troedsson.

I have taken what steps I can in dealing with that situation and I have let it go. What happens now is up to other people but I can finally let go of the anger because I know I have done what I can do. It is time to move on to other things.

I can now blog about the City Government without getting sick or take the situations personally. I will still get angry when I feel that the Dillon City Government does something wrong or illegal – it is my nature – but I will no longer take it as a personal attack on myself. I will be happier for it and my family will breath easier because I am no longer heading at breakneck speed for another heart attack.

Hopefully this explains my absence from the blogging world, and I hope that my writing will be better for having experienced it.



Blogs and Comments – an addition

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There has been a lot of talk about Blogs, comments and posting rules on the Montana Blog-o-sphere lately. Without going into a complete history of the various discussions, I will simply supply some links and go from there.

Craig, over at MTpolitics posted a letter from Montana Congressman Denny Rehberg discussing the Blogger Protection Act of 2008. While I will not go into my take on this piece of legislation here, it is a must read if you are a Montana Blogger – regardless of how you feel about Congressman Rehberg.

Following that post, Craig also posted a link to a podcast done by Jeff Mangan and Gregg Smith discussing various issues pertaining to Blogs, libal and comments. It is very informative and touches on a number of issues facing those that choose to Blog – especially in the political arena.

Wulfgar, over at A Chicken is Not Pillage! posted his “rules” again yesterday, and he brings up some very important points that anyone commenting on Blogs should be aware of – First and Foremost is that the blog you are commenting on is the private property of the Blogger and you – as a commentor have NO rights to it.

All of these posts are important and should be read by anyone reading or writing to blogs. There is one area, though, that I would like to address because of the confusion expressed in the various discussions about blogs and comments.

Bloggers cannot be hit with libel suits on the basis of anonymous postings on their Web sites

Read that line again, so that it sinks in. I cannot be sued for Libel based on the comments made to this site. Next time you are tempted to write a blog owner and threaten them with suits based on someone’s comments to their site, STOP. You simply have no leg to stand on.

In a decision made in 2006, US District Judge Dalzell answered that question. In his decision of the case DiMeo v. Max, he ruled that bloggers cannot be sued for libel based on anonymous postings on thier site. You can, of course, attempt to sue the site owner for his own comments or a commentor based on thier comments, but you can’t sue the owner of a blog for someone else’s comments.

Blogs are recognised as valid “publications” and as such, enjoy a great deal of state and federal protection under the law. Instead of throwing threats of libel (or worse – slander) suits back and forth, spend some time actually learning about the rules that do apply to blogs and internet publications. It will help you understand why blog owners tend to laugh at you when you do threaten them…


Addendum – Blogs and Elected Officials

I always find it amusing when an elected official stands up and publicly denounces blogs as “invalid” or “unofficial”. Not only does it show thier complete ignorance of both the law and fact, it is also usually in responce to the blog owner publishing something they disagree with – making thier statement petty as well as ignorant. Dillon Mayor Malesich has – on many occations – stated in no uncertain terms that he views Pragmatic Revolt as an “invalid” publication. It puts him in an interesting position (as well as showing his pettiness and ignorance). He can’t sue me for libel – not that I have ever given him the oppurtunity – because you can only claim libel against a publication. He can’t sue me for slander because the law recognises blogs as valid publications – again, not that I have ever given him the oppurtunity. Denny Rehberg was smart enough to recognise the ignorance he was displaying against blogs in the last election cycle and has since educated himself on what a blog or internet publication is. It is too bad that the Dillon Mayor wasn’t as smart….