The Politics of Gun Control

Posted in Gun Related, State and Federal Politics at 6:22 pm by Moorcat

It is looking more and more like my previous hosting service is NOT going to give me access to remove my backup of pragmatic_revolt so I will probably end up having to rebuild it from the archived files I have on my machine. Since that will take a while, I have decided to jump right in with a few posts milling around in my brain….

Wulfgar has a great post up on his blog about the Montana Republicans using the Gun Control issue to scare voters in an attempt to garner financial and public support for thier candiates. His point is important and he makes it well.

That said, I have a small problem with posts like this – it tends to paint those of us who do care about gun issues in a specific way that frankly, isn’t very accurate. As with most things, gun control is not a “black and white” issue, and catagorizing those of us who do care about gun issues as delusional or out of touch isn’t very accurate.

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