Changes for Pragmatic Revolt

Posted in Blog General at 8:16 am by Moorcat

I haven’t posted for a while and though it is due to a number of circumstances, the primary one is that I am burnt out on following the idiocy of the Dillon City Government. It seems that nothing ever changes and while I know there are people making an effort – my wife being one of them – there simply aren’t enough citizens in this town willing to step up and help to correct the problems. Recently, a number of things were done by the Dillon City Government that, in any other town, would have had the citizens screaming for heads or preparing to tar and feather the people responcible. Things like –

1) The City Council just voted to increase Gilbert’s salary to $110.00 an hour retroactive to Jan 1, 2008. This is an increase of almost 17% in his wages. No other City Employee got a raise that big. In fact, they only got the 3.3% increase dictated by PERS. Why did Gilbert get a 17% raise? How is it even possible to allocate money for a previous fiscal year (the fiscal year ended the first of July)? Is it because Gilbert appears to be Malesich’s attack attorney? What the hell were the Councilmen thinking? The ONLY councilperson that went on record as voting against this contract was Councilwoman Kailey. Where the hell is the fiscal responcibility of the other 7 councilmen?

2) When the City Council decided to forward the issue of Councilman Riley’s parking request to Committee, Councilman Riley left the meeting in a huff. He has since sent out snotty and condescending resignation letters to the Councilmen. This really doesn’t come as a great surprise. He didn’t finish his term as County Attorney either.

3) The Dillon City Council has once again failed to move forward to solve the Police Retirement Fund. They have found a new and interesting way to put it off – they are spending tens of thousands of dollars on having a private actuary look at the State’s Assessment. It has been pointed out to them on multiple occations and by multiple people that, by statute, the only actuary report that matters is the State’s, but they will do anything to put this off. The Mayor is even allegedly saying that he will actively campaign to keep the Police Retirement fund OUT of the State Police Retirement Fund. Big Surprise there.

There is more but the petty childish pissing contest nature of Dillon City Politics is simply too much for me to deal with. I am adult, and I do not have the time or patience to deal with supposed adults that behave like 6 year olds.

I am not sure at this point whether I am going to close this blog and start another (focused on the things I WANT to write about) or whether I will simply change the focus of this blog back to the things I enjoy being involved with. If I do start another blog, I will let people know…